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Higher Education Establishments & Research Institutions Within the education sector, the range of products supplied by Eagle Scientific can range from very basic  equipment for schools to more advanced and technically complex equipment for higher education establishments  and research institutions. The preparation of technical specifications and the creation of equipment lists for laboratory training & research in  engineering subjects are both areas on which our technical specialists can provide advice and expertise. Procurement of equipment and supplies for universities, scientific laboratories, research centres, centres of  excellence and other institutions of higher education are provided by a team of project and tender engineers with  cross discipline knowledge and many years of experience in the sector. The range of products supplied are typically applicable to the subject areas and laboratories named below, but the  company is always willing to consider any other area specified by the client:
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● Air Conditioning and Refrigeration ● Industrial Automation (CNC / FMS) ● Biology ● Electricity ● Electronics ● Aeronautical Engineering ● Agricultural Engineering ● Environmental Engineering ● Automotive Engineering ● Civil Engineering ● Control Engineering, Sensors and Instrumentation ● Heavy Current Engineering ● Telecommunications Engineering ● Chemical Engineering ● Health Studies
● Physics ● Structures Laboratory ● Testing Laboratory ● Laboratory for Electrical Machines ● Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology ● Mechatronics ● Metallography ● Metrology ● Pneumatic and Process Control ● Chemistry ● Strength of Materials ● Robotics ● Theory of Machines ● Thermodynamics ● Veterinary
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